Photograph:  Florentine.

Photograph: Florentine.


Anna Minzhulina is an award-winning art director, designer, artist and illustrator. 

For ten years, she was the Art Director of Maisonneuve magazine, where she was recognized for her imaginative concepts in cover design, design, photography and illustration. At Maisonneuve, Minzhulina collaborated with dozens of photographers, illustrators and artists, many of whom won awards for their work under her direction. 

Minzhulina has served as a judge for the National Magazine Awards, the Applied Arts Awards and the Kenneth R. Wilson Awards. She has been a guest speaker at McGill University's Journalism week.

Aside from magazine publishing, Minzhulina has worked on special projects for National Magazine Awards Foundation and the Quebec Writers’ Federation. She is currently working on a series of drawings of Montrealers and food courts, entitled "I See You," and a project about the architectural reshaping of the city of Montreal.

Her interests include cover and book design, drawing, painting, theatre, writing, comics, architecture, illustration and sculpture. She splits her time between Toronto and her studio in Montreal. 

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